The European Researchers' Night Program

70 Years of Israeli Innovation

Main Stage – Rieger Café and Garden

  • 18:00 – A Scientist is Born (Science Magic Show)
  • 19:30 – Recycle Junkies Show (Damente Musical Group)
  • Evening Dark Hours: Star Gazing with Astronomical Telescope

Main Building (600 and 700 Floors)

  • Hands-On interactive educational computer programs
  • Learning about sign language using the Kinect system
  • It's Time to Save the World: What can we do to save the planet?
  • What do your eye movements say about you?
  • Experimenting with biofeedback systems to reduce stress
  • Controlling the Waves: Broadcasting Underwater
  • Consumer behavior and food waste (in cooperation with Robin Food Association)
  • "Fortnight" Activity Center

Main Pedestrian Street

  • Robin Food Stand
  • Making a "Herzl Said" Portrait
  • Ecological Musical Instruments Area
  • Haifa Alumna Ensemble – Music from Israel's 70 year history

Nazarian Library Activities

  • Crowdsourcing Games (Age 8 and up)
  • A Pathway Through Israeli Innovations and Successes (The entire family)
  • Guided Tour of the Cairo Geniza: Preserving Information - from Physical to Digital (Recommended for adults)
  • Free Reading in the Children's Library - Emphasis on Israeli inventions and innovations. (The entire family)
  • Israeli Game Station: TAKI (digital) (The entire family)


Hecht Museum Activities

  • Archeological Excavation Workshop (Age 5-9)
    • Digging up the Past (17:00, 17:30, 18:00, 18:30)
    • Find the 70 – Eagle Eye Competition
    • Decoding the Rescue Game (Ages 7-12)
    • Puzzle games on your smartphone
    • Mind games inspired by prehistoric games
  • Museum Tours for Primary schoolchildren: Man and his Native Landscape (by appointment)


“Mini” Lectures – 700 Level







Prof. Uri Shanas

You and I and 'Time' Will Save the World



Ms. Galia Pasternak

Drowning in a Sea of Plastic



Dr. Tali Rave and Dr. Noga Cohen

Itsy Bitsy Spider? How Emotion Affects Perception of Size



Mr. Eden Orion

The Truth about Midburn
and Burning Man


  Shai Rilov  Food waste, Food rescue and the story of Robin food 



Dr. Tali Gal

Children Rights in Decision-Making


   Prof. Avraham Haim Effects of Digital Screens on Teen Health 


  Prof. Tamar Shochat On owls and larks: How the biological clock affects health and functioning


   Dr. Oren Meyers Athens or Sparta? Israeli media representations of military and security- related issues 



Mr. Adi Levy

“Ambassadors Online” program – Israeli Public Diplomacy and Combatting BDS


   Prof. Doron Shlush Observing the Invisible: The Search for Black Holes 



Dr. Gilad Padva

What are men afraid of? Thoughts about masculinity and culture 


   Dr. Roei Davidson Crowdfunding in Israel: Keys to personal and social success


  Dr. Roee Diamant  Discovery and Classification of Fish using Sonar and Underwater Photography 


   Dr. Mauricio Cohen Vaizer We Are All In Deaf Togethe

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